b'meaningful and sustainable responses to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Calls to Action on IndigenousEducation. There is a recognition around the CSBA board table that meaningful advancement on the TRC Calls to Action is at various stages across the country. A key aspect of the work for Brant & Associates was collection of grassroots insights from individual school boards and provincial school boards associations across Canada.With empathy as a board chair and past president of a provincial association, Ill note here that the survey questions, co-constructed by the CSBA board and Brant & Associates, were not universally answerable for all intended respondents. This posed a challenge for some in terms of meaningfulparticipation in the survey and it was through some deadline extensions and clarification efforts on the part of both CSBA and provincial associations that we achieved a satisfactory response from most jurisdictions. Having just received the final report from Brant & Associates at the end of May, there is much more to come on this important work, and I look forward to sharing more details soon. In accordance with the CSBAs commitment to support our member associations in examination of their own actions and policies on anti-racism, the CSBA has undertaken an important partnership with Dr. Jerome Cranston, Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina. The key outcomes of our work with Dr. Cranston will include the development of new, and revision of existing CSBA policies, to ensure that our policy statements as well as our vision and mission statements are framed through and a diversity, equity and inclusion lens.Building on this work at the national level, our goal is to further develop learning modules which will assist our provincial association members and by extension, their local member boards, in building capacity among trustees in all regions on this important file. In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reviewing this report and for taking the time to betterunderstand the work of the CSBA. The incredible collective efforts of all those who contribute to our association are only as meaningful as their exposure and understanding among the democratically elected school boards across the country. Every year we feel the momentum and impact of our work increasing, as we advance the associations priorities in the name of improving public education for all students and families. At the foundation of our work is you, our locally elected school boards. Thank you.Sincerely,Alan CampbellPresidentPresident Campbell with Chief Cadmus Delorme at the MSBA Annual General MeetingAnnual Report 5'