b'Updates Advocacy CommitteeWith continued strain between provincial governments and school boards in many jurisdictions across thecountry, there is no shortage of opportunities for CSBA to lend its voice either formally or informally to manyimportant conversations on the vital role of local democratic decision making in public education. We continue to stay closely connected with OPSBA and ACEPO on the potential impacts of Bill 98, the Better Schools and StudentOutcomes Act, as well as with our colleagues at QESBA on their ongoing legal challenges to Bill 40 and more recently Bill 23. The advocacy work of the board continues to be enhanced by careful planning on the part of our provincial hosts for each of our quarterly board meetings. From Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in the fall, to Winnipeg in February and Montreal in May, every opportunity for casting a wider net and building stronger partnerships has been capitalized upon. Vital conversations have been held with local First Nations and Indigenous leaders, provincial Ministers and Deputy Ministers of Education, Elders and Commissioners from the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba, and representatives from various host provincial and territorial boards and associations.As part of a comprehensive review of committees and work teams, the board of directors decided that advocacy isindeed the work of the entire board, as opposed to that of a sub-committee. With this in mind, the advocacycommittee was dissolved at our meeting in May, 2023.In making this change, we have moved back to a truly national perspective at the table when discussing all matters of advocacy.In May, 2023, during board of directorsmeetings in Winnipeg, Alan Campbell, Carolyn Broady and Mike Roberts met with Minister of Education Wayne Ewasko.They discussed CSBA priority areas such as copyright legislation, internet access inremove and rural communities, national truth and reconciliation initiatives and teacher immigration. While the ministers portfolio is provincial in scope, the issues discussed were of a national nature.10 Annual Report'