b'ManitobaUpdateReport to the CSBA Board of Directors May 2023LegislationWith one final session prior to Manitobas fall Provincial general elections, the current legislative agenda is very full, including several Bills addressing various aspects of education. Perhaps most contentious is Bill 35, under which the Government seeks to establish a new teacher complaints commissioner, with panelists comprised of four staff and four employer (the latter of which are all named by MSBA) as well as one public interest representative(s). The Bill has garnered significant focus from the Manitoba Teachers Society due to the role of such a commission, as well as inclusion by Government of broad regulatory authority to define professional misconduct and competency. Also on the agenda are Bill 10 (removing the fees imposed on cannabis sales towards education programs); Bill 28 (which would introduce compulsory leave for any school trustee or municipal council member seeking another elected office); Bill 32 (promulgating amendments to child welfare services following from the federal Act respecting First Nations, Inuit and Mtis children, youth and families); Bill 203 (establishing Orange Shirt Day as a Statutory Holiday); Bill 206 (recognizing the important role played by Louis Riel); Bill 210 (introducing employment standards leave for miscarriage or stillbirth); Bill 215 (limiting use of Non-Disclosure Agreements); Bill 222 (introducing a provincial school food program); and Bill 230 (introducing school board elections campaign fundraising limitations and accountability requirements). https://www.gov.mb.ca/legislature/business/bills.htmlMSBA Exexutive RetreatOn May 5, our new Executive held its first retreat with an agenda focused on review of operational progress; review of by-laws and policies under our Executive Manual; along with strategic outlook assessment and thinking that has guided our planning for years! This year sees a change to this vital process with the development of a new three year planning cycle modelled along the same lines as that used by CSBA. As the experienced administrators and governors among us well know, unicycles often lead in many directions but tricycles promote greater balance!'