b'Governance CommitteeThe CSBA governance committee met several times over the past year to discuss new membership categories.The board of directors identified that the fee structure for member associations did not take into account the financial limitations of extremely small associations. The governance committee reviewed the fee structures andrecommended a new membership tier for districts with less than 10,000 students.This additional tier will make membership to the national association more accessible. This recommendation was taken to the board, and approved at the May 2023 board meeting.The CSBA is very pleased to welcome the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial from Nova Scotia this year. Since theEnglish governing school boards were dissolved in Nova Scotia, the CSAP has not been involved with the CSBA. We look forward to working with the Acadian school board going forward, and having their input at our meetings.The board of directors reviewed committee and work team structures, and their terms of reference. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our ability to meet in person as a board of directors was limited. This required us to split some of our core work into work teams. We are now looking forward to returning to more in-person meetings, allowing our board of directors to tackle important priority areas together as a group.CSBA board members met with Conseil scolaire acadien provincial in Nova Scotia, and is happy to welcome them as an associate member.14 Annual Report'