b'QESBA Annual Report to CSBA July 2023Bill 96 When we left you last July, Bill 96 that amended the Charter of the French Language in Quebec had just been adopted.Since that time, one of our member school boards English Montreal has taken the CAQ government to court based on Section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Giving our minority language schoolQESBA Report to CSBA - 2022-2023 boards the right to manageOnce again, things have been very busy in Qubec due to the and control.The matter isCAQ Government. Unfortunately, minority communities in currently in the court systemQubec seem to be this governments ongoing target.and we have every condence that the EMSB will win the cause. Bill 23 Bill 40Yet another piece of legislation that further amends the As of this writing, we awaitEducation Act even before a Bill 40 ruling.It gives the power to the Minister of Education to name the Director General of our the ruling on Bill 40 fromSchool Boards a power, which currently belongs to the Council of Justice Lussier, which weCommissioners in Quebec among other changes. We presented have been told should beour brief on June 7 and will pursue legally if adopted in its current rendered no later than Juneform. French brief available here.23, 2023. QESBA is to be informed 24hrs before the ruling is deposited. We would have more during the Cross-Canada check-in. QESBA Annual Report to CSBA 1'