b'Indigenous Education CommitteeThe CSBA Indigenous education committee continues to support the work of Daniel Brant and Associates.At the May 2023 the board received an executive summary from Brant and Associates which provided a high-leveloverview of the survey results. We were pleased to see 558 survey responses! The Indigenous EducationCommittee looks forward to receiving and actioning the final report in fall of 2023.Work continues on an Indigenous Education Award, which is to be presented annually at CSBA Congress. It isanticipated that the inaugural award will be presented at Congress 2024 in Toronto.In the context of this update on our Indigenous Education priorities, it is important to note our ongoing andimportant relationship with the Assembly of First Nations (AFN); with an expression of sincere appreciation to Renee St. Germain, the AFNs Director of Languages and Learning who is a valuable contributor to our board meetings given the AFNs associate member status with CSBA. Along with her colleague, Dakota Edwards-Barber, a Policy Analyst for the AFN, we have come to rely heavily on their important insights and guidance in our evolving work on Indigenous and First Nations Education across the country. Anti Racism Work TeamTo better reflect the work being done by the CSBA, the board of directors voted to change the name of thiscommittee to the Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We are pleased about this change as we all work together support this very important priority for the association. In accordance with the CSBAs commitment to support our member associations in examination of their own actions and policies on anti-racism, the CSBA has undertaken an important partnership with Dr. Jerome Cranston, Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina in development of our own path forward in support of diversity, equity and inclusion in educational governance, policy and politics across the country. The key outcomes of our work with Dr. Cranston will include the development of new, and revision of existing CSBA policies, to ensure that our policy statements as well as our Vision and Mission statements are framed through and a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion lens.Building on this work at the national level, our goal is to further develop learning modules which will assist our provincial association members and by extension, their localmember boards, in building capacity among trustees in all regions on this important file. Annual Report 11'