b'Review of ASBA Bylaws and GovernancePolicies ASBAs member-led Governance Task Force, conducted a thorough, line-by-line review of ASBAsBylaws and Board Governance Policies to ensure alignment of current procedures and bestpractice. Since June of 2022, the Governance Policies and Bylaws underwent various stages ofreview and were brought forward at ASBAs 2023 Spring General Meeting for members toapprove Bylaw amendments.Professional development and resources ASBA continued offering hybrid meetings to allow for a more seamless and efficient experiencefor member boards. This included hosting meetings and professional development offerings onboth in-person and virtual platforms, allowing members to hear from renowned speakers aroundthe world. ASBA provided professional development and resources to bring trustees and thelearning community together. ASBA expanded self-paced, self-guided resources available tomember boards through The Learning Centre, based on their feedback. The members-only onlinelearning platform offers a comprehensive collection of articles, podcasts, presentations, videos,links, reports and more.Speakers CornerStrategic Thinking and LearningFebruary 23In this session, Dr. Pieter de Vos delved into a conversation about strategic learning and providedbackground into strategy as thinking and its impact on planning for a course of action.Francophone EducationMarch 23In this session, participants learned about Francophone education in Alberta and enjoyed Franco-Albertan music and culture. Areas covered included:Historical and political context for minority French-language education in Canada andAlberta;Current status of Francophone education in Alberta;Francophone education priorities; andOriginal Francophone and bilingual music.Ask your ASBA ConsultantsApril 24In this session, trustees learned about ASBA Education Consultants areas of expertise and othertopics, including:Executive SearchesCEO/Superintendent EvaluationsOther Growing in Governance services, including Orientation/Governance,Policy/Administrative Procedures Development and Review, Strategic Planning and TeamWorkshopsAnti-Racism Initiative with Dr. Jerome CranstonMay 1This national session included trustees across Canada for a discussion with Dr. Jerome Cranstonregarding an anti-racism initiative started by CSBA to support school boards in building deeperunderstandings of equity, diversity and inclusion, with a particular focus on systemic racism.'