b'QESBA Annual Report to CSBA July 2023Labour Relations Our collective agreements for teachers, professionals and Bill 40 Fundraisingsupport sta expired in March 2023, so we are currently in the negotiations phase of the labour cycle. Bill 37, which As you are aware, QESBA fullywas implemented in the mid-80s, provides the legal expects the current Bill 40 courtframework around which collective agreements are case to go all the way to thenegotiated. Bill 37 created a management committee for Supreme Court of Canada.Whilethe negotiation of collective agreements in the English the ROC is Common Law wheresector called the Comit patronal de ngociation pour les commission scolaires anglophones (CPNCA). minority language school boards can be awarded full costs followingThe current negotiations are focused on alleviating the a successful court case. Qubec islabour shortage, supporting teachers with dicult classes, civil law and the parameters areand providing better and more stable employment very dierent where when you areconditions for support sta. Unfortunately, the highly awarded costs it is very limited: forcentralist tendencies of the current government have complicated negotiations for the CPNCA, most notably example: travel costs, etc. by creating (by decree) a governmental negotiations We therefore embarked upon abureau (BNG). The BNG is part of the Treasury Board successful large scale fundraisingand has appropriated certain powers to negotiate non-monetary matters that were previously left to the campaign with a rm thatCPNCA. Since the QESBA has equal representation on specializes in these types ofthe CPNCA and has no such representation with the campaigns to reach out to theBNG, the QESBA is understandably worried that the leaders of the English SpeakingEnglish school boards interests will not be reected in Community in Qubec. We are nowfuture collective agreements. We are following the role making the fundraising campaignthat the BNG plays in the current negotiations with an public to encourage donations fromeye on protecting the management and control rights of stakeholders. the nine English school boards of Quebec.Bill 21Russell Copeman to retire QESBA Executive Director, Russell Copeman has announced his QESBA reported last year that weretirement this coming December.QESBA is sad to see him go, his sought leave to intervene on thecontribution to the Association over the last five years has been appeal for Bill 21: An Act respectinggreatly appreciated. A search process for his successor will be the laicity of the State and wereunderway shortly.approved. The notwithstanding clause cannot be used for Section 23 arguments and the EnglishSpring Conference Montreal School Board won theirOur rst joint AAESQ/QESBA Conference in four years due to the original superior court case inpandemic was held on May 17 & 18, 2023 at the Manoir St-Sauveur, St-which the government is appealing.Sauveur, QC. QESBA joins administrators annually for Professional The appeal was heard this yearDevelopment, we are very pleased that we are able to get back to including the legal team forbusiness.QESBA, we await the decision of the Appeals Court.QESBA Annual Report to CSBA 2'