b'ManitobaUpdateReport to the CSBA Board of Directors May 2023MSBA Annual Convention and General MeetingOn March 16-17, MSBA hosted its annual convention and General Meeting. The first in-person convention for us since March 2020 was a signature performance chock-full of excellent Professional Development opportunities and events of particular note. Chief Cadmus Delorme of Cowesses First Nation (SK) delivered the same powerful keynote enjoyed during the 2022 CSBA Congress, and afternoon keynote Natalie Bergstresser (OK) provided important insights on Adverse Childhood Experiences and trauma-informed practice. This years convention included a political debate style forum (attended by all three sitting parties) in advance of Manitobas fall 2023 provincial general elections (www.election2023.ca), as well as resumption of our standing closed door session between board chairs and the Minister of Education, Hon. Wayne Ewasko. We are also grateful to outgoing MSBA President Alan Campbell for his extra-ordinary service since 2018, including a poignant farewell address and separate remarks in Alans new capacity as CSBA President! This years convention closed with the busiest banquet proceedings in recent memory, including a special performance by Troyanda Folk Ensemble in recognition of the war in Ukraine, bestowal of the Presidents Council award to Betty Peters, a long-serving home-school liaison veteran from Western School Division, and conferment of the prestigious Centennial Organization Award to MSBA by the Manitoba Historical Society, for which occasion we were joined by Her Honour the Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba, Anita Neville, who was a trustee and board chair of Winnipeg School Division for many years prior to entry to federal political life.https://www.mhs.mb.ca/docs/organization/manitobaschoolboards.shtml New Provincial ExecutiveAs always, our annual convention features elections for our new executive members and with the Presidency in this years running, it was a very special occasion for MSBA. Congratulations to incoming President Sandy Nemeth (Louis Riel School Division) on being elected to serve in this important role! Additional changes include our new Vice-President for boards with enrolment under 6,000 pupils, Leah Klassen (Garden Valley School Division); Region; Region 2 Director Ashley Lachance (Prairie Rose School Division); Region 4 Director Tim Davis (Flin Flon School Division); Region 5 Director Greg McFarlane (Seven Oaks School Division) and Angela Dunn (St. James-Assiniboia School Division) on their election, re-election and/or acclamation to our Executive! They join Vice-President (Boards with 6,000+ pupil enrolment) Sandy Lethbridge (St. James-Assiniboia School Division); Region 1 Director Charlene Gulak (Mountain View School Division); Region 3 Director Paul Magnan (Sunrise School Division); and Region 6 Director Jamie Dumont (Winnipeg School Division) who continue their service to our members on Provincial Executive.Thanks to outgoing MSBA Vice-President (and Past CSBA President) Floyd Martens for over a decade of continuousL-R: Paul Magnan, Ashley Lachance, Greg McFarlane, Charlene Gulak, Timothy Davis, Josh Watt service!(E.D.), Sandy Nemeth, Sandra Lethbridge, Jamie Dumont, Alan Campbell, and Leah Klassen.New Schools Announcement On March 24, Government announced the construction of three new schools, in addition to prior commitment around 20 new schools made in 2019. https://news.gov.mb.ca/news/index.html?item=58523. To expedite these projects, the Government revealed intentions to pursue P3 arrangements based on cited efficiencies in AB and SK. It is evident to many observers that the announcement was made in great haste so that Government could reveal its intentions prior to the provincial election (whose blackout period on public announcements begins August 5). MSBA had conducted extensive research on the operational dimensions of P3 models in 2017, following which Government delayed implementation of recommendations around use of the model from KPMG consulting services. In the absence of information around what led to its reversal around use of the P3 model, and without depth regarding which form of P3 project might come into view for the new schools projects, concerns have subsequently been raised by several voices regarding need for disclosure of full details to the public around these future plans, including by the media as editorial comment. With less than a week into the role as our associations new President, Sandy therefore gave her inaugural interview on this topic the first of many to come!'