b'Strategic Planning CommitteeOver the past year the strategic planning committee has reviewed the vision and mission of the association incollaboration with governance researchers from the University of Regina. The board of directors continued this work and discussion to refresh the vision, mission and goal statements. Final approval of the revisions is expected at the Fall 2023 board of directors meeting. The committee reviewed feedback from member organizations pertaining to the work of CSBA committees and work teams. We appreciate feedback from our members and associations as it helps propel our work forward. PROPOSED REVISIONSVISIONDemocratically elected local school boards achieving student success and well-being through diverse,equitable and inclusive public education.MISSION To support democratically elected school board associations and their members in achieving their mandates by providing leadership and learning opportunities. To champion the Truth and Reconciliations Commissions Calls to Action through public education. To advocate on national, collective interests in support of diversity, equity and inclusion and success for allstudents. To increase an understanding of, and advocate for, democratically elected local school boards. Finance CommitteeThe finance committee is formed under the CSBA Constitution and holds meetings prior to each meeting of the board of directors. The committee reviews budget updates and year end projections, as well as investments and any significant changes to the approved budget. Each year, the finance committee prepares the annual budget, and oversees the audit report for presentation to the board and approval at the annual general meeting. In addition to its vital fiduciary roles, this year the finance committee reviewed and updated the committees terms of reference. A key change recommended by the finance committee to the full board, was to move the approval decision for the stipends of the president and vice-president to the full board from committee.Annual Report 13'