b'Emergent Issues Work TeamThe emergent issues work team has recommended connectivity to be a priority for partners through the National Advisory Council on Education. Throughout the pandemic, educators and education partners saw the importance of connectivity for equitable access to public education across the country. Work continues with the Transport Canada Pupil Transportation Advisory Committee with a priority being seat belt pilots. The shortage of bus drivers and other staff is also a concern throughout the country for both the advisory committee and the work team. While the emergent issues work team has been dissolved, the work will continue with the board as a whole. Issues will be monitored to determine if future ad-hoc committees need to be established. Comprehensive School Health Work TeamThere are a number of important initiatives stemming from the work of the comprehensive school health work team which have been ongoing or have paused over the last year. The CSBA participated in an invitation-only meeting with the Honourable Karina Gould, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development to discuss a Pan-Canadian School Food Policy. The online meeting focused on school food programs and discussing what the priorities and considerations should be for a pan-Canadian school food program. The CSBA spoke to the importance of engaging governing school boards when developing policies and programs to aid in implementation. We were very pleased to be invited to participate in this meeting with Minister Gould, and look forward to continuing to advocate for school nutrition. We are also excited to continuing work on a national substance abuse reduction strategy, and our ongoing efforts around increasing mental health supports for students and staff in public schools across the country. 12 Annual Report'