b'2022 School Board ElectionsIn October, 2022, three provinces held their school board elections. Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia saw over 1300 school board members or trustees elected.On October 15, 158 new school trustees were elected, and 252 were re-elected, in British Columbia. Thisincluded the election of B.C.s first openly transgender school trustee and several young trustees. In Ontario, voters went to the polls on October 24 to elect members for English Catholic, English public, French Catholic or French public school boards. Over 600 members were elected, and over 1400 candidates ran. Manitoba saw 310 school board members elected on October 26.The CSBA is proud of the work being done in provinces to encourage activity in the democratic process to elect school board members and trustees. We continue to support this work with research projects and advocacy across the country. 18 Annual Report'