b"2021-2022 Annual ReportASBA's 2021-2022 Annual Report: Building on Unity showcases the progress ofASBA toward 2020-2023 Strategic Plan goals, in support of our member boards.The report can be viewed at this link.Thank youThis year ASBA continued to provide increased value and impact for our memberboards. This is due to the great leadership of our Board of Directors and variousCommittees, as well as the commitment and hard work of ASBAs staff and the passionwith which our members do their work in support of all Albertas students.ASBA is grateful to be able to work closely with CSBA as our national partner and lookforward to great work to come.(from left to right): Vice-president Shali Baziuk, President Marilyn Dennis & CEO Dr. Vivian AbboudMarilyn Dennis Shali Baziuk Dr. Vivian AbboudASBA President ASBA Vice-president ASBA CEO"