b'PROJECT HIGHLIGHTSOPSBAs member trustees and staff coordinated a range of programs and initiatives this school year, including, but not limited to:2022 Municipal and School Board Elections French as a Second Language ResourcesMunicipal and School Board Elections 2022 were held onFrench as a Second Language (FSL) continues to be October 24, 2022, with a new term start date of Novemberidentified as a priority area that requires a provincial 15, 2022. OPSBA engaged in a number of election-relatedfocus to address issues impacting school boards ability advocacy and actions with the objectives to: to deliver high-quality and sustainable FSL programming and instruction. OPSBA has been successful in securing promote and increase the awareness for the role ofongoing funding from the Ontario government to extend the democratically, locally elected school board trustee (andFSL labour market partnership and to continue the work of their contribution to public education); mobilizing and communicating promising practices in the encourage a more diverse group of individuals torecruitment, hiring, professional support and retention of consider becoming a trustee candidate; and FSL teachers and education workers. increase overall voter turnout for municipal and school board elections. In addition, OPSBA led three pan-Canadian initiatives tosupport English language school boards to address the issues The various pre-and post Election Resources and Initiativesof the FSL teacher shortage as part of the FSL teacher included: recruitment and retention strategy funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Province of Ontario. Making A Difference For Kids: Running for Election as a School Board Trustee Year 3 of the three initiatives has been completed. The Your Guide to Hosting a School Board Trustee Allmain deliverables for the three initiatives (see below) have Candidates Meeting been distributed and are available on the OPSBA microsite Postersat FSLResources.opsba.org. Each document contains Social media campaign promising practices and when implemented by a school Centralized School Board Elections Website board in an integrated and coordinated way will have Online Election Panel: Municipal and School Boardimpact on the recruitment, hiring, professional support and ElectionsDiverse Voices, Diverse Leadership andretention of FSL teachers:Equity in Public Office and Education2022-2026 Good Governance Guide 1.Recruitment Guide for English Language School Boards 2.French Language Proficiency Assessment Toolkit and Resource Guide3.Compendium of Strategies and Practices to Support School Administrators with FSL Programs in their SchoolsOntario Public School Boards Association 2022-2023 Report to the CSBA - 8'