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Memorial University and CSBA Launch Pan-Canadian Research Study on School Board Governance

Researchers at Memorial University of Newfoundland have launched an ambitious Pan-Canadian research study in collaboration with the Canadian School Boards Association. The work of Dr. Gerald Galway, Dr. Bruce Sheppard, Dr. Jean Brown (Memorial University) and Dr. John Wiens (University of Manitoba) is aimed at furthering understanding of effective governance practices of school boards/districts across…


CSBA 2011 Call for Proposals

The Ontario Public School Boards’ Association, host of the 2011 CSBA Congress, has issued a call for proposals to school boards across Canada. The due date for submissions is February 15th-please see the CSBA 2011 presentation proposal form for details. CSBA Congress 2011 will take place July 7-10th in Ottawa. Stay tuned for frequent Congress updates.

School Boards: Playing A Key Role in Student Success and Achievement

Across Canada, school trustees and commissioners (as they are referred to in Québec) play a key role in student success, accountability and achievement for their respective boards and districts. School trustees and commissioners create the conditions for student achievement by setting policy and providing strong leadership, in order to meet the needs of their student…