Tom Chau, "Transformational Canadian", s'exprimera lors du Congrès 2011 de la CSBA

The CSBA is pleased to announce Tom Chau as a speaker at CSBA Congress 2011, July 7-9th in Ottawa.

Recently named a “Transformational Canadian” by the Globe and Mail and Cyberpresse, Dr. Chau is one of Canada’s leading biomedical engineers, and a senior scientist and Canada Research Chair in pediatric rehabilitation and engineering at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. The Globe and Mail describes a Transformational Canadian as “someone who combines a passion for positive change with the discipline and focus to achieve outstanding results.”

Dr. Chau’s work in the area of pediatric disability has changed the lives of thousands of families in Canada and around the world. See an example of Dr. Chau’s work in action as he demonstrates the technology that he has developed to help children with physical disabilities communicate to their fullest potential.

Dr. Chau is the founder of Holland Bloorview’s Infinity Centre for Access Innovations, the world’s first interdisciplinary centre dedicated to discovering accessible pathways and affordable technologies that enable children with physical disabilities to express their preferences. Dr. Chau’s recent research focuses on ‘body-talk’ research that allows for communication through physiological signals, like breathing patterns and heart rates.

In addition, Dr. Chau’s work is having an important and significant impact on services for students in our public schools. The Infinity Communication Access Lab is a joint project between Dr. Chau’s research team at Holland Bloorview and the Toronto District School Board. This new satellite lab at Sunny View Public School in Toronto will improve access to communication technologies for children with complex disabilities within the school board, and around the world.

The CSBA is honoured to have Dr. Chau speak at Congress 2011 and we are looking forward to this exciting event.

See the CSBA Congress page for more information on speakers and registration details.