b'QESBA Report to CSBAJuly 2022Report to the CSBA Saskatchewan Provincial Highlights negotiations have been stalled. Our Labour RelationsAugust 2021 to June 2022 Department has already begun preparing the next round of negotiation that will begin this fall.Bill 21Bill 49 QESBA has sought leave to intervene on the appeal for Bill 21: An Act respecting the laicity of the State. The notwithstanding An Act to amend the Act respectingclause cannot be used for Section 23 arguments and the English elections and referendums inMontreal School Board won their original superior court case in municipalities, the Municipal Ethicswhich the government is appealing. The appeal should be heard and Good Conduct Act and variousthis year, QESBAs legal team will be arguing against Bill 21.legislative provisions was adopted November 4, 2021. There is an amendment in Bill 49 whichBill 40 FundraisingSSBA President Dr. Shawn Davidson participated in a back-to school news prohibits a sitting commissioner/conference in August with Minister of Education Dustin Duncan chair from being elected to bothAs you are aware, QESBA fully expects the current Bill 40 court News Releasemunicipal council and schoolcase to go all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.While service centres. This samethe ROC is Common Law where minority language school boards amendment is found in Bill 40 ofcan be awarded full costs following a successful court case. which currently has a stay ofQubec is unfortunately, civil law and the parameters are very legislation for our network anddierent where when you are awarded costs it is very limited to therefore cannot be enacted. Wefor example: travel costs, etc. If awarded costs we may see only currently have a few commissioners10% of what was invested.impacted by this. The Municipal Commission has been ordered toWe are therefore embarking upon a large scale fundraising legally pursue the resignation of thecampaign with a rm that specializes in these types of campaigns two impacted individuals. Theto reach out to the leaders of the English Speaking Community inLocal Government Week was once again recognized in Saskatchewan in initial hearing on this particularQubec. November and the SSBA participated with partners in raising awareness case was postponed by the judge Website due to the complicated nature ofQESBA Annual General Meetingthe dual legislation. At this writing we have no decision. Following the School Board Elections held last November, QESBA Bill 9held its Annual General Meeting in January where Dan Lamoureux was re-elected as President for a two-year term and Judy Kelley was QESBA Presented jointly with ourelected as Vice-President also for a two-year term.Directors General Table to the parliamentary commission onA professional development session was held in May over two days culture and education earlier thiswith topics such as bullying, anti Black Racism, Bill 21 the direct year on Bill 9: An Act respecting theimpact to the classroom, communications training with Brian National Student Ombudsman. ForWoodland and a valuable session oered by SSBAExecutiveSSBA Vice-President Jaimie Smith-Windsor, President Shawn Davidson and more detail link to the QESBA briefDirector, Darren McKee on the intricacies of elected andUrban Constituency Rep Donna Banks at the Fall Assembly in November here. management relationships.Website QESBA Report to CSBA 2 39 40'