b'QESBA Report to CSBAJuly 2022 Ontario Public School Boards AssociationCathy Abraham 439 University Avenue, 18th FloorPresident Toronto, ON M5G 1Y8 Tel: (416) 340-2540W.R. (Rusty) Hick Fax: (416) 340-7571Executive Directorwebmaster@opsba.org www.opsba.org OPSBA Annual Report to the CSBA: June 2022 Perseverance. Resilience. Dedication. Three words that are truly fitting for all of us in educationBill 96 during Ontarios third school year of the COVID-19 pandemic, which hit Ontario with threeBill 96 has been the very successive waves starting in September 2021. There were many challenges over the year asdivisive piece of legislation Ontario school boards took on new COVID-19 monitoring, reporting, testing, and masking mandates. Our member boards each adapted to the change in different ways that worked for theirthat we have been ghting for local circumstances, and we thank our trustees, senior administration, principals and vice-principals,most of this last year along teachers, education workers, and school communities for their commitment to keeping our schoolswith our education and as safe as possible in the Delta and Omicron eras.community partners. The OPSBA continued to advocate effectively on behalf of the best interests and needs of the publiclegislation was adopted in May school system in Ontario, amidst a heavy workload with many virtual meetings, constant emailof 2022 and some of our communications and new initiatives for both OPSBA and member boards. As we head into the 2022-23 school year, we will continue our strong advocacy with the newly re-elected government,member boards have begun the opposition parties and critics, key stakeholders and the wider public in support of the importantlegal proceedings based, once cause of ensuring Ontarios public education system remains strong. We remain committed to the vital importance of in-person learning and will be supporting our members for a normal start ofagain on Section 23 rights toQESBA Annual Report to CSBA school and the return of many regular programs and activities.manage and control ourOnce again, things have been very busy in Qubec over the last educational institutions. Forscal year due to the CAQ Government.The electoral season is Our full 2021-22 Annual Report is available on our website.more detail, QESBA brief is underway and heating-up in Qubec. Unfortunately, minority Sincerely,linked here.communities in Qubec seem to be the current governments Bill 40ongoing target and they are on their way to a second majority government.At this writing, we still await the Cathy AbrahamW.R. (Rusty) Hickruling on Bill 40 from JusticeNegotiations PresidentExecutive DirectorLussier, that was heard in April of 2021. We are told thatAfter three years without signed agreements for Teachers, QESBA is to be informed 24hrsProfessionals and Support Sta all unions reached agreements in before the ruling is deposited.the fall with the Treasury Board. At this writing Management We believe that he will not render a decision before the October 3 provincial election. QESBA Report to CSBA 1137 38'