b'ManitobaUpdate ManitobaUpdate2021-2022 Annual Report to the CSBA Board of Directors2021-2022 Annual Report to the CSBA Board of Directors Provincial Funding ReviewSetting Strategic PrioritiesWith the start of the new year, the government formed a new task force to review the Provincial Education Funding model. MSBA is pleased to have President Alan Campbell, Vice President Floyd Martens and former Vice President Sandy Nemeth serve as aWith all of the above taking place, there was no better time for MSBAs Provincial Executive to join minds with senior staff in laying the representatives to this task force. On February 22 and March 3, MSBA participated in formal consultations regarding the existing modelfoundations for a new vision and focus to shape our priorities as we enter the new world of public education in Manitoba. Meeting and funding of schools program. The Government acknowledges that the fiscal and budget situation provincewide is not sustainable forfrom June 4-6, the Association selected the Canadian Museum of Human Rights as its venue for crafting Beyond 2020 a set of goals boards and intends to address many of the historic structural challenges that boards have face through the implementation of a newand objectives that serve to reinforce our priority in serving member school boards, while charting a course for engagement with model. Once further details become known, we will be certain to update our CSBA colleagues on what Manitobas funding model willpartners and stakeholders in the coming year. The Association has emerged stronger and with deeper resolve to affect positive and look like. The new framework is projected to be operational by summer, 2023.meaningful change for the sake of our members, their schools and communities following the twin challenges of pandemic learning and sweeping education reform. We are glad to see the continuation of our cooperation with CSBA with opportunities to share lessons Annual Convention learned from our experience with counterparts from sea to sea. It was that time of the year again on March 11, which saw a half day virtual convention held with hope that we are able to once again meet in person next year. With addresses by CSBA President Laurie French, MSBA President Alan Campbell and Executive Director Josh Watt, our convention this year featured a panel of three experts on the way forward for education in Manitoba, including an academic, a student, and a parent. As mentioned, Minister Wayne Ewasko brought live greetings during the virtual event and stayed with us to hear what the three experts had to say. As always, our annual convention provides an opportunity to welcome new members to our executive and to say fond farewells to those whoon this occasionso ably served as members of our Association Executive during the difficult days of pandemic response planning, combined with our all hands on deck Bill 64 local voices, local choices advocacy campaign. We thank Region 1 Director, MSBA Sherilyn Bambridge, Region 3 Director Lena Kublick and Region 6 Director Jennifer Chen for their service. At the same time we respectively welcome Charlene Gulak (Mountain View SD), Paul Magnan (Sunrise SD), and Jamie Dumont (Winnipeg SD) to these regional directorships! Incumbent Director Sandy Lethbridge was acclaimed as our new Vice President for boards serving more than 6000 students, while outgoing Vice-President Sandy Nemeth was subsequently re-elected to serve as Region 5 Director.Roadmap for Continuous ImprovementOn April 19, the Manitoba Government revealed its plans for education reform. Adopting all recommendations of the K-12 Education Review Commission that tabled its report in late 2019, four recommendations were noticeably absent from the now titled roadmap for continuous improvement announced by the government to stakeholders on April 19: there will be no changes to the education governance model, meaning that school boards will continue to serve as they currently do; proposals to establish a new cadre of school business managers has been set aside; and removal of principals from our teachers union, along with the creation of a provincial teacher regulatory college, have been temporarily shelved. One recommendation does however, speak to future Government cooperation with MSBA to identify competencies for school trustees and to work hand-in-hand when establishing a new professional development framework to inform foundations and essentials for all boards. However at current time, mandatory trustee education has not entered the dialogue and MSBA continues to advocate for enhancement to the schedule of annual development opportunities that we currently offer as the best means through which to promote this new framework. Given the prospects of what had been proposed under Bill 64 and the former Better Education Starts Today plan of former Premier Brian Pallisters era, that stakeholders were cautiously optimistic given the unveiling of this new strategy goes without saying! 35 36'