b'ManitobaUpdate ManitobaUpdate2021-2022 Annual Report to the CSBA Board of Directors2021-2022 Annual Report to the CSBA Board of Directors On February 4 the formal school funding announcement was made. Overall, the province increased operating by 0.55%, andresponsibility for an expanded portfolio overseeing our risk and insurance services and, as mentioned, Labour Relations Consultant increased capital by 8%. As always in Manitoba, these increases have wide-ranging impacts with larger boards being able to moreJustin Rempel has become Director of Provincial Teacher Bargaining, with a mandate to not only coordinate the single teacher easily accommodate such narrow increases and with smaller boards having to make tough decisions and choices for how to sustainbargaining table but to also offer new recruitment, executive search, staffing contract, HR coaching and services.programs, supports and services amidst rising inflation and mounting cost pressures, particularly given ongoing settlements to non-teaching staff units. Needless to say, the 2023 budget year is one of the most challenging of the last quarter century. MSBA hasWe were equally happy to hire Chris Huppe and Tripat Pachu as two new additions to the LR team, even as, with ongoing pandemic noted for the Government that this past years funding pressures remain a challenge. We also continue to advocate for a permanentpressures and the need for mentoring of new staff members, one of our most respected retired LR veterans, Patricia Denovan, agreed and substantial grant increase to ensure that binding arbitration outcomes will be fully operationalized in 2023/24 and future years.to return to the Association on a term basis through to July 2022. These changes bring great opportunity for our Association and having Government has since appointed a special task force to review the entire education funding model.new faces in new places, and old faces in new places is certain to make this needed restructuring a success!Manitoba Budget 2022 meanwhile, announced April 12, confirmed Governments intention of moving forward with an additionalNew Minister of Education25% repealment to education property tax, signifying the halving of all school taxes over two years. As in other provinces however, this does not change the proportion of support derived from school taxes. It instead provides a 50% rebate to ratepayers whoOn January 18 long- serving MLA and former teacher Wayne Ewasko was named to serve as our new technically continue to pay their full property tax assessment each year.Minister, including expanded portfolio for childcare. MSBA was in contact with Minister Ewasko hours after his installation, a welcome change from nearly a record year long period during which the former Provincial Bargaining for Teachers Minister refused to meet. The new Minister, who served many years as Opposition Critic for Education has signalled his intention to move forward with recommendations from the K-12 Education Review In April 2021, Bill 45, the legislative framework that first established provincial teacher bargaining in Manitoba,Commission only where it makes sense to do so and while recognizing that Manitobas education was assented to by the Manitoba legislature. In light of the withdrawal of Bill 64 in Fall 2021, and thesystem has parts that are working well (the first such statement made by a member of the current Manitoba Government proclaiming Bill 45 into force by the end of January 2022, this signified that MSBAGovernment in an official capacity since 2016). Minister Ewasko has therefore set a new tone in terms would need to define how it would operationalize and fulfill the employer agent role that Government hadof rebuilding relationships and re-establishing trust from the very start of his mandate and we have earlier defined for the Association on behalf of our membership under Bill 45. Long serving association stafftherefore since welcomed he and his staff during a meeting with all school board chairs on February member Justin Rempel has been selected to serve as Director of Provincial Bargaining and Human Resource15, as well as to bring greetings during our annual convention on March 11, 2022. President Alan Services to oversee implementation of the processes, protocols and policies needed to define this new role.Campbell and Executive Director Josh Watt were then privileged to attend a one on one meeting with the new minister and his staff on April 11. This meeting served as a formal meet and greet Advisory and table teams have now been established as of April 21 and 28, 2022, in time for the opening of the first round ofopportunity, with advance consultation regarding the release of the Governments plans to reform provincial teacher bargaining. education in a post-Bill 64 world. Governments role going forward will be to set broad bargaining mandates, without being party at the actual bargaining table.Launch of the Building Capacity For our Future (BCF2) InitiativeThe model chosen is single tier, even while it is anticipated that select provisions will be negotiated on a regional basis, in order to address particular local realities. The Franco-Manitoban school board retains its own bargaining authority relative to its teachers,October 26, 2022 marks school board and municipal elections day in Manitoba and to kick off MSBAs in recognition of its constitutional rights. Thanks especially to our fellow associations for all of their clarifications and support as weelection support this year, we created a new pilot initiative designed to serve candidates from diverse have moved forward so rapidly to finalize a model for this first round of Provincial Bargaining! and underrepresented communities. The BCF2 initiative was designed to provide candidates from Aboriginal and Indigenous communities, newcomer and visible minority communities, and persons in Restructuring at MSBA need of accessibility, the opportunity to receive specialized training in 1) the role of the trustee and the responsibilities of a school board, 2) how to navigate procedural requirements associated with becoming The end of 2021, bringing with it the end of Bill 64, the end of local teacher bargaining, and thea candidate, 3) tips and strategies for establishing and funding an election campaign and 4) campaign continued surety of MSBAs services, meant that 2022 could finally bring some new beginnings forcommunications platforms. As part of the pilot, long serving trustees are voluntarily paired with our association. To that end, interviews were conducted for the senior staff leadership positionscandidates running outside of their own district, to provide hands on mentorship advice and counsel if that had been vacated in 2020 due to retirements. Our thanks goes to former BCSTA Executiverequested by a candidate.Director Mike Roberts, who provided much needed counsel as we embarked on our hiring process. In collaboration, we realized that important innovations and restructuring could happen within:BCF2 complements MSBAs traditional public information sessions which are open to all candidates regardless of background, prior to strengthening services to members, building capacity to address near horizon challenges andthe elections. It is hoped that by providing additional targeted support through this initiative, that Manitoba can promote and increase developments, and adding new services not previously available. the representativeness of our trusteeshipall within a context of our ongoing support for a fair and impartial democratic process province-wide. For more information on this initiative as well as to tune in to the coming elections, visit www.localchoices.ca .We are pleased to report that MSBA Labour Relations Consultant Morgan Whiteway is now our permanent Director of Labour Relations. MSBA Governance Consultant Janis Arnold is now Director of Governance and Professional Development Services. MSBA CFO Robyn Winters has taken 33 34'