b'and several letters can be read on our website.Provincial bargainingPrior to our AGM, BCSTA held several events virtuallyBargaining for the public sector in B.C. continues withManitobaUpdatethroughout the pandemic with great success. In December,cost of living adjustments (COLA) at the forefront. The the association provided an opportunity for our firstBC General Employees Union, representing thousands of large-scale in-person gathering through our Trusteeunion members, reached an impasse with the province Academy, with excellent feedback from the membership.2021-2022 Annual Report to the CSBA Board of Directors The association is exploring the option for future eventsover the gap in wage proposals. They are currently to utilize a hybrid model. Some future events may takediscussing and preparing for potential job action. The advantage of lessons we have learned in hosting virtualresults of a strike vote for public sector workers are to be events effectively.released soon.What a year for school boards in Manitoba! Following our last annual report to CSBA at the end of September, Bargaining for a provincial framework agreement for2021, the situation relative to the future of school boards and so many other features of public education COVID-19 response support staff in the K-12 sector is paused. While there havein our province remained uncertain given the all-but-implemented verbal commitment on the part of the been nine respectful bargaining sessions, the parties haveManitoba Government to withdraw Bill 64, The Education Modernization Act. We are now pleased to report The government and boards of education remainbeen unable to reach an agreement, primarily due tothat on October 6, 2021, the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba formally withdrew Bill 64. While this singular committed to providing safe in-person education andwages and COLA. In the interim, local school districts aredevelopment certainly does deserve highlight at the very beginning of this years report, the 2021/22 period preserving the important supports students rely on, suchbeginning their local collective bargaining for provisionswas certainly occupied for MSBA and its member school boards.as meal programs and mental-health resources. B.C. hasthat are not tied to any increased costs.lifted many restrictions, including mask mandates (in mostProvincial bargaining for teachers between the BC PublicPandemic responsesituations) and the use of vaccine cards. Schools recentlySchool Employers Association and the British Columbia returned to 100% capacity for events, which means thatIn August, 2021 MSBA established an operational table to coordinate implementation of COVID-19 pandemic related guidance important gatherings, such as graduation banquets andTeachers Federation commenced on March 15, 2022,in concert with partner organizations and stakeholder groups. From our introduction of policy templates concerning proof commencements, can take place in traditional formats.and they have exchanged most of their proposals. Theof vaccination or mandatory testing for all persons in regular contact with pupils to the emergence of the Omicron variant table continues to meet several times each week. All K-12in Manitoba, all new developments brought revisions to sporting and extracurricular activities, masking guidance, staffing In October of 2021, the provincial government informedcollective agreements expire on June 30, 2022. challenges, rapid testing for pupils and much more.public service employees that they must be fully vaccinatedFor additional information, please review the following by November 22, 2021. This action modelled an examplenews bulletins from the BC General Employees Union andFollowing the 2021 holiday period, the Department of Education announced on January 4 that the end of that week would based on messaging from the provincial health officer thatthe Canadian Union of Public Employees B.C. n instead be devoted to two days of in-service for teachers and that, with the exception of essential workers children, in-vaccination requirements are the employers responsibility.person classes would be replaced with a one week remote learning period through to January 17, 2022. MSBA provided safe The BC Public School Employers Association had providedreturn to work and safe return to sport guidance to our members to support school health and safety given high rates of boards of education and districts with templates andCOVID-19 transmission and spread across Manitoba, with well over half the population becoming infected (symptomatic and guidance should they propose a mandate, includingasymptomatic), accompanied by abandonment of case reporting, contact tracing and notification, and significant PCR testing proof of vaccination, letters of agreement, procedure andbacklogs.support materials. President Alan Campbell provided a parade of interviews to media outlets on all aspects of pandemic response, from ventilation to distancing and especially, the move from yellow (caution) to orange Association leadership (restricted) during the peak of the Omicron variant and back again, for all schools according to the provincial Pandemic Response System. Following months of hard work on the part of the BCSTA CEO Mike Roberts retired at the start of the schoolassociation and its members, officially ordered pandemic restrictions and limitations were year. His successor, Suzanne Hoffman, who most recentlyformally removed by the Manitoba Government by mid-March, marking an end to formal served as superintendent of the Vancouver School Board,pandemic response even as MSBA continues to provide assistance where and when needed to joined the association in October. Before joining the VSB,prepare for current or future pandemics in Manitoba. Suzanne was the chief educator and superintendent of learning transformation at the Ministry of EducationBudget Announcementsand Child Care. She previously held the position ofAs always in Manitoba, January is budget announcement time. In view of many years of fiscal austerity for staff wage increases, as superintendent with the Langley School District. Read moreimposed by the Manitoba Government since 2017, a clear teacher settlement pattern emerged through arbitration in early 2021. in our media release.Allowing for a COLA based increase, teachers province wide saw a combined increase of 6.7% to salaries over the past four years, BCSTAs new board of directors was elected at our AGM,representing requirement for $91.1 million in new funding, all of which was immediately payable in retroactive pay in 2021/22 and where Carolyn Broady was acclaimed president. Tim2022/23.Bennett was acclaimed vice-president.With the same 6.7% settlement pattern being increasingly applied to non-teaching bargaining, the combined impact of these wage increases, along with soaring inflation over 2022 has certainly added pressure to school operating expenses as we head into the 2022/23 Fiscal Year. On January 4, 2022, the Manitoba Government partially recognized these pressures when announcing $80 million in one-time support. While the investment will prove to be sufficient for neutralizing the greatest impact from this increase for the 2022/23 Fiscal Year given existing divisional reserves, the Government also indicated these funds were also to be used for pandemic response. 31 32'