b'Member Associations \x03Association des conseils scolaires des coles publiques de lOntario Report to the Canadian School Boards Association 2021-2022ACPOs Commitment ACPO wishes to reiterate that schools in Ontarios French-language public school boards are, first and foremost, caring environments whose raison dtre is based on inclusion, respect and open-mindedness. 2021-22 was a stark reminder that teaching thousands of young people comes with tremendous responsibility. Let us remember the atrocities committed in residential schools, and let us contribute to the ongoing truth and reconciliation work, and ensure we eliminate systemic racism from the school environment.A Delicate Balance ACPO was proud to unveil its new strategic plan last year, following in-depth consultation with its members, partners and communities. No effort was spared to ensure an inspiring plan that would propel French-language education to new heights. However, along came a global pandemic that disrupted our plans, made school management so much more complex and forced the Association and its member school boards to redirect their focus.In 2021-22, ACPO continued to skillfully juggle its strategic objectives with the emergencies and new realities arising from COVID-19, while concentrating its efforts on increasing its political influence in order to prepare for the post-pandemic era.Since the beginning of 2021-22, ACPO has adopted a different tone in its interactions with government with regard to the teacher shortage, on-line learning and school infrastructure. Legal proceedings are being considered with regard to some of these issues.While always favouring collaboration, ACPO stated clearly the needs of its members. It strived to attain the delicate balance between maintaining constructive relationships with the government and upholding Francophones rights, with the continued aim of making political partners aware of both the needs and the impressive achievements of French-language public education in Ontario.Perseverance and Determination Never before has the Association had so many meetings with the Minister and Deputy Minister of Education, the Ministrys senior management, key education stakeholders and its partners. ACPO got involved to the maximum extent possible in order to facilitate communication and decision making between stakeholders and French-language public school boards. On many issues, including those related to the pandemic, it became the primary intermediary between the Ministry and school boards.Teaching Staff Shortage In February 2021, following about 100 hours of meetings, the Working Group on Teacher Shortage of which ACPO is a member, submitted 37 recommendations to the Minister of Education. In November 2021, thanks in part to ACPOs advocacy, the government finally launched the Comit de mise en uvre de la stratgie sur le recrutement et la rtention du personnel enseignant de langue franaise. As a committee member, and aware of the great challenges school boards face daily due to the lack of qualified teachers, the Associations goal is to speed up decision making to ensure the recommendations are implemented as quickly as possible. 21 22'