b'School Board ElectionsAs a part of a project supported by the CSBA membership to take action against racism in the education sector, the University of Regina team has developed the first set of resources to support school board and trustee elections to seek greater cultural diversity in candidates.Resources are available on the CSBA website for public distribution and to encourage more culturally diversecandidates to consider running for school board. To best support all students, the CSBA believes we need to invite diverse and traditionally racialized candidates so that school boards better reflect all voices at the governance level, in The plan addition to looking at governance practices to truly welcome candidates to actively participate.Gather information and collaborate to develop a sustainable and accessible pan-Canadian data infrastructure. With a focus on districts with elections in 2022, and nominations opening imminently, materials were developed to The databank will collect and house accurate, standardized data that can be used to address the Francophonebe shared with education partners and those interested in public education governance. These materials are available and French Second Language teacher shortage and enhance their recruitment, mobility and retention.on the CSBA website in both French and English. The visionRobust pan-Canadian partnerships for French language and Francophone education.Effective and sustainable nation-wide data infrastructure for FSL and FML teacher recruitment and retention.Data-informed strategies for school systems and other stakeholders.Report and recommendations to Patrimoine Canada Heritage.Why this plan?School system administrators, governments, professional associations and advocacy groups have recognized the need to address French language and francophone teacher shortages and the challenges of recruitment andretention in both Minority French Language settings and in French Second Language Programs.These shortages impact FSL and FLM programs in every provincial/territorial setting in Canada. Many stakeholders have already independently gathered evidence to examine the issue, but there remains a lack of standardized data tosupport coherent and cost-effective teacher recruitment and retention strategies at the local level.19 20'