b'Adhoc Policy Review Committee CSBA in OttawaPolicy 1.4 Annual Congress and National Trustee Gathering onAs part of the Advocacy Committee work, from May 1518, members of the Board of Directors met with Senators, Indigenous Education Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries, Members of Parliament and Shadow Ministers and opposition critics to discuss shared education priorities. On the recommendation of the Finance Committee, the board of directors struck an ad hoc committee to review the policy on the annual National Trustees Gathering on Indigenous Education and CSBA Congress. The ad-hoc committeeMembers engaged in very productive meetings with representatives of various federal departments. Meetings were made several recommendations to the board.also held with Senators who have particular interests in education, such as Senator Dr. Stan Kutcher who works in youth mental health. Following discussion, Policy 1.4 was revised:The annual conference is a source of revenue for the host association and the CSBA. As such, the policy has beenDiscussions largely focused on the importance of democratic representation, equity, diversity and inclusion,revised to include a specific reference to Policy 3.2: Partnerships and Endorsements. Indigenous education, comprehensive school health, French teacher recruitment and retention, mental health and There are costs associated with hosting the annual conference. As such, the first $25,000 profit goes to the hostaddictions, Copyright, and Immigration. While education is a provincial responsibility, everyone who met agreed association. The board revised the policy such that any profit above $25,000 will be shared equally between thethere is room for collaboration amongst different levels of government to improve education for students in Canada. host association and the CSBA. Overall, the meetings were positive and productive, with most leaders asking for follow-up and continuedThere has been a positive move to integrate the National Trustees Gathering on Indigenous Education and thecollaboration. We also look forward to scheduling virtual meetings with those leaders who were not available. CSBA Congress. Previously, the policy required the host association to develop three full-days of programming. The policy has been revised to say that while the National Trustees Gathering on Indigenous Education and CSBA Congress is typically three days, it is not mandatory.The approved policy is available on the CSBA website.National Education Action TableWhile education is primarily the jurisdiction of territories and provinces, there are many federal mandates andinitiatives that have significant and ongoing implications for school systems throughout the country.However,lisabeth Brire , ParliamentaryIndigenous education is a key responsibility of the federal government to meet the needs of Indigenous studentsSecretary to the Minister of Mental and families and to continue to make progress on the Calls to Action. To do this effectively, the federal governmentHealth and Addictions and Associate must collaborate with school boards. Many Indigenous children and youth attend public schools, and school boardsMinister of Healthneed the support of the federal government to empower first voice and to ensure that federal and provincial support benefit Indigenous students. In addition, federal mandates include health, mental health and addictions, public safety, official languages, copyright, but to mention a few. As such, the CSBA joins its national partners in education to call on the federal government to work with us collectively to the benefit of students. The Fdration nationale des conseils scolaires francophone, the Canadian Association of School SystemAdministrators, le Regroupement national des directions gnrales de lducation, the Canadian Association of Principals, and the Canadian Teachers Federation have come together to form the National Education Action Table. This collaboration provides a forum for joint collaboration and advocacy on matters within the mandates of thefederal government for which action resides at the school and school system level. The CSBA is very pleased to be part of this positive, forward-thinking group and looks forward to ongoing activities in the upcoming year. Adam vanKoeverden, Parliamentary Secretary for Health and SportSnateur/Senator Dagenais15 16'