b'Emergent Issues Work Team Governance Work TeamChair: Carolyn Broady Chair: Carolyn BroadyThe Emergent Issues Work Team had a very busy year with multiple priorities identified to support elected membersDuring a very productive year, the CSBA constitution and policies were reviewed and revised. The constitution was and public education in Canada.approved at the November 2021 Special General Meeting. Immediately following, the Board approved revisions to all policies to ensure compliance with the revised constitution. As the national body for local democratically elected voices in education, the CSBA is committed to ensuring as many views as possible are represented. Accordingly, the Work Team reviewed the current CSBA membership categories.Based on membership category recommendations by the Emergent Issues Work Team, the Governance Work Team The Work Team discussed who is represented by current members, organizations that are eligible to become will review and revise related policies. Should changes to the constitution be required, those will be presented for members, and entities that are not eligible, but whose inclusion would benefit students. The Work Team debate and vote at the 2023 Annual General Meeting. recommended to the board that membership expansion activities be thoughtful and thorough, while acting quickly to connect with organizations who should be at the CSBA table. In the coming months, the CSBA Governance Work Team will consider the recommendations and bring changes to policy and or constitution to the board forconsideration. The Work Team recommended a move to reciprocal membership with partner organizations. The CSBA will ask toStrategic Planning Committeebe a member of partner organizations and offer, in return, free membership to those partners. This will allow for the continued promotion of common actions, resources, supports and collaboration in areas of mutual concern. Chair: Cathy AbrahamThe Work Team monitors progress on the initiative, Putting Data to Work, Faisons parles les donnes. This project, funded by Canadian Heritage, is a successful collaboration with la Fderation nationale des conseils scolaires The Strategic Planning Committee meets as needed to ensure there is an up-to-date strategic plan and updatedfrancophones, the Canadian Association of School System Administrators, and le Regroupement national des reports on progress. The 2019-2022 strategic plan resulted in significant progress in key priority areas. Specificdirections gnrales de lducation.committees and work teams took on responsibility for strategic areas, and throughout the past year were verysuccessful in their endeavours. Copyright legislation remains a priority for the CSBA, in particular the lobbying by Access Copyright to change federal legislation which provides fair access to schools. The Work Team met with Chris George, who is the lead expert onThe committees and work teams will develop goals, actions and measures to achieve the priorities. Progress reports copyright with the Council of Ministers of Education. While the CSBA is supportive of fair compensation to artists andwill be presented to the board of directors with high level updates on their work.authors, the changes for which Access Copyright is lobbying would primarily benefit their organization, with very little increase to authors. On the other hand, these changes would penalize students by diverting huge amounts of alreadyDelegates at the 2022 National Trustees Gathering on Indigenous Education and CSBA Congress in Saskatoon will stretched budgets to Access Copyright. While the board was disappointed that the Minister of Innovation, have the opportunity to provide input on the priority areas and suggestions for goals and actions. Science and Industry was not available to meet while we were in Ottawa, the CSBA will continue to reach out toensure decision-makers fully understand the implications for students should there be changes to the legislation. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of connectivity in Canada. Communities already marginalized are suffering the most from poor or no internet connectivity, and there were additional pressures when students and teachers were required to learn and teach from home. The CSBA has discussed this very important issue with elected officials, and calls on all levels of government to remedy this immediately. Finance CommitteeChair: Shawn DavidsonThe Finance Committee is formed under the CSBA Constitution and meets prior to each meeting of the Board of Directors. The committee reviews budget updates and year end projections, as well as investments and any significant changes to the approved budget. Each year, the Finance Committee prepares the annual budget, and oversees the audit report for presentation to the board and approval at the Annual General Meeting. In addition to its vital fiduciary role, the Finance Committee reviewed Policy 2.5 Revenue Generation, Policy 3.2Partnerships and Endorsements, and Policy 1.4 Annual Congress and National Gathering on Indigenous Education. Based on the recommendation to the board for review, an adhoc committee was formed. As per the terms of reference, the Finance Committee recommended, and the board approved stipends for thePresident and Vice President for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. They will remain unchanged from the previous year. 13 14'