b'Indigenous Education Committee Anti-Racism Work TeamChair: Carolyn Broady Chair: Laurie FrenchThe Indigenous Education Committee is one of two committees that meets at each board meeting, whether in The Anti-Racism Work Team actively leads one of the associations top strategic priorities. The 2022-2025 strategic person or online. Board members belong to Indigenous Education or Advocacy and the ongoing agreement to meetplan includes equity, diversity and inclusion as one of the four key strategic priorities.in person, accentuates the importance of this strategic priority. The CSBA contracted Bunyaad Public Affairs to provide support for phase one of a new initiative, which resulted in an The Indigenous Education Committee recognized that advancement of meaningful change would benefit fromexternally facilitated board self-assessment, an external arms length review of CSBA policies, and a presentation at dedicated leadership and expertise. Accordingly, the Board of directors has contracted Daniel Brant and Associates toCongress 2021. lead and support continued system action.Daniel and a member of his team facilitated a learning and input session in May. This, along with a deep dive into our previous activities will aloe Daniel to work with the Indigenous EducationBuilding on the learnings and recommendations of phase one, this year the CSBA is partnering with the University of Committee to advance key actions and measurables.Regina, Centre for Educational Research, Collaboration and Development (CERCD).Dr. Andrea Sterzuk, CERCDDirector, and Dr. Jerome Cranston, Dean of the Faculty of Education are providing expert contracted support to the Other highlights of the year include sharing in the work of the Saskatchewan School Boards Association. SSBA withWork Team and the board of directors. its partners, developed a responsibility framework, that will be of benefit to all associations engaged in Indigenous equity, diversity, and inclusion work.The first deliverable was a series of infographics intended to encourage individuals from diverse backgrounds to run for school board elections. The CSBA is pleased to share these with member associations as one step in supporting A panel of Indigenous leaders presented at the national School Boards Association Conference in San Diego, CA.increased diversity in governance. The CSBA recognizes that equity, diversity and inclusion are critical to developing Facilitated by Vice-President Carolyn Broady, panelists Elaine Johnson, Renee St. Germain, Darren McKee, and Johnpositive culture and processes for school boards. Throughout the year we have been working with and relying on the Chenoweth shared with delegates the collaborative work being done, including progress and challenges.expertise of Drs. Sterzuk and Cranston to support policy and structural changes.One of the key deliverables of this work is to provide tools and supports to member associations and local school boards to review policies and practices Although the pandemic stalled plans for deep collaboration with the NSBA, this should be back on track for 2022- and to support anti-racist self-assessment processes. 2023. There is much work to be done to ensure that progress continues on implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action. Indigenous Education continues to be one of the four key priority areas for the CSBA.Comprehensive School HealthIndigenous Partnership Award Chair: Alan Campbell Work TeamThe Canadian School Boards Association is very pleased to announce a new national award to recognize The Comprehensive School Health Work Team continues to provide leadership and action under its new name. The meaningful partnerships between Indigenous communities and publicly funded school boards from coast to coast toWork Team and the Board felt that this change reflects the comprehensive nature of trustee and school boardcoast, including First Nations, Mtis and Inuit school boards and educational authorities.governance and leadership in health and mental health. Rooted in a spirit of genuine reconciliation, this award is intended to recognize excellence in achievement of the CallsThe CSBA continues to collaborate with the Canadian Association of School System Administrators and School Mental to Action issued by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The award is focused on demonstrated evidence of theHealth Ontario, to offer trustees and school system leaders facilitated sessions with mental health expert thought principles of innovation, authenticity, relationship, and capacity-building and good stewardship. leaders. These online sessions allow for sharing and learning, in an environment that is relaxed and a group that is composed of peers. Moving beyond basic classroom projects centered on beads and bannock, drums and dreamcatchers, the nationalThe CSBA has modified its role within the Canadian Healthy Schools Alliance. Moving from the role of steward to one partnership awards will focus on demonstration of significant and sustained commitment by both a publicly fundedof advisory allows CSBA to support the work of the alliance in a manner that is most beneficial to both organizations. school board(s) and local Indigenous community(ies) to the promotion of reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples.Retired school health leader Sue Stevenson provides expert leadership and support to the Work Team. I want to CSBA is honoured that through its role as a member of the CSBA Board of Directors, theAssembly of First Nations isthank Sue for continuing to work with us and for ensuring the governing decisions of the Work Team and the board assisting with the development of the scope and criteria for the award, and participating in the selection of recipients.are implemented and monitored.The CSBA Indigenous Education Committee will develop a comprehensive application package, including eligibility forThe CSBA is partnering with Bunyaad Public Affairs to build on and expand a successful substance use and mental nomination, criteria for selection, and instructions for applying for the award. Calls for nominations will be issued inhealth initiative in British Columbia. Meetings with federal leaders in May accentuated the need for action at the early 2023 for the inaugural award at the 2023 Congress and National Trustees Gathering on Indigenous Education innational level to combat youth substance use, specifically opioid use. We hope to see the work expand beyond British Alberta.Columbia to support students across the country. The CSBA is very pleased with the establishment of the newMinistry of Addictions and Mental Health. The meeting with the Parliamentary Secretary for Mental Health andAddictions allowed for deep discussions of the vital role schools and school boards play in advancing this work. CSBA is also exploring a collaborative endeavour to develop Canadian Standards for Mental Health. There will be 11 12 more to come on this as the year unfolds.'