b'Committee & Work Team Mandates ReportsIndigenous Education Committee Advocacy CommitteeTo support the CSBA s work in the area ofTo advocate on national, collective interestsAdvocacy CommitteeIndigenous Education. of Canadian students on behalf of the school To address Indigenous Education initiativesboards associations and provincial/territorial at the national level and seek to develop andpublic school boards that serve them. Chair: Laurie Frenchsupport a framework for analysis of how weTo promote the role democratically electedEach member of the Board of Directors serves on either the Advocacy Committee or the Indigenous Education can contribute to action / deliberation on thoseschool boards play in ensuring quality and Committee. These two committees met as part of each board meeting, whether online or in person. In addition, the issues by member associations. equitable education in Canada.Advocacy Committee met regularly throughout the year, and was very active in preparation for the annual advocacy To oversee the implementation of the CSBAevent in Ottawa.Charter of Commitment - First Nation, Mtis, and Inuit Education. Advocacy for local democratic voices in education continues to be a key priority for the CSBA and was reaffirmed as a To follow up on authentic collaboration at thepriority for the 2022-2025 strategic plan. As the national body representing locally elected trustees in publicprovincial level.education, advocacy is a vital part of the work of the CSBA. Anti-Racism Work Team Comprehensive School Health WorkThe CSBA continues to be very concerned with the lack of understanding and support for locally elected voices in certain areas of the country. We are, however, very pleased with the decision of the Manitoba government to protect To support the CSBA s work in the area of anti- Team school boards and to work in collaboration with their fellow elected leaders. The CSBA communicated with the Nova racism. Promote student health and well-being as aScotia government in preparation for the provincial election and in follow-up as the newly elected conservative To examine, through the lens of anti-racism,priority in the governance, policy and delivery ofgovernment committed in its election campaign to reinstate school boards. We are planning meetings to share with the structure and practices of CSBA. education. the premier and minister the expertise and experience with successful governance models in place elsewhere in the To provide support to member associations,Share and leverage existing strategies in schoolcountry. and through them, to their member schoolboards and provinces.boards to examine their own acons and policiesDevelop a shared understanding of well-beingThe CSBA worked with anglophone and francophone New Brunswick District Education Council leaders to ward off in regard to anti-racism. as a central element of education delivery.the preoccupation with further reducing local voice in New Brunswick. It saddens me as the association President To develop a strategic anti-racism and inclusionand Chair of the Advocacy Committee that the premier and minister chose to eliminate arms length support for the program for elected trustees and Boards ofDistrict Education Councils as they consult on their review. We are very concerned with the impact on students of Education. this reduction in local voices, and hope that this will be reversed. There is much to be learned from jurisdictions where authentic collaboration between the provincial/territorialEmergent Issues Work Team Governance Work Team government and school boards is flourishing. To stay informed on emerging educaonalTo develop governance framework structures, In its commitment to ensure actions and advocacy are research-based, the CSBA and its member associations are matters that may affect the CSBA and/or itsprocedures, roles, responsibilities, and policyworking with Dr. Katina Pollock from the University of Western Ontario. Dr. Pollock and her team are carrying out an Member Associations. review, including ongoing review. arms length study of school boards and the impact of the elimination in certain areas. British Columbia,The Governance Work Team has the authoritySaskatchewan, Quebec, the Northwest Territories, and Nova Scotia are the focus of the research, which should be to engage in research, communicaon, fact-published in the upcoming year. finding in order to achieve their mandate and Finance Committee functions. There is significant overlap between federal mandates and school systems. As such, the CSBA wrote to each federal To advise and consult on financial matters,To make recommendaons to the Board ofparty leader prior to the 2021 election. Party leaders were specifically asked to ensure that they and their candidatesoversee finances and make recommendaons toDirectors on all matters pertaining to effectiveaddressed shared key issues outlined by the CSBA. The CSBA prepared key messages for trustees to use whenthe Board of Directors.governance. speaking with candidates to identify the shared issues.To receive and review all policy andConstutional/ByLaws revisions or amendments. The May 2022 Federal Advocacy Event resulted in over 20 meetings with federal leaders. Meetings wereStrategic Planning Committee To research and stay current on best productive and positive, with the leaders and board members quickly identifying areas for collaboration, thegovernance practices.importance of school boards in advancing federal mandates related to children and youth, and the vital role of schoolTo develop, monitor, and review the Strategicboards in ensuring that federal departments understand how education functions at the grassroots level. Plan in accordance with the Constution/ByLaws and CSBA policy. 9 10'