Advocacy Day on the Hill Members of the CSBA Board of Directors visited Parliament Hill in May to meet with Members of Parliament, Senators and senior staff to discuss the importance of locally elected public education trustees and the overlap between school board mandates and federal jurisdictions. As part of the advocacy strategy, these meetings were intended to establish connections to politicians and senior staff and to educate a broader audience on the roles and responsibilities’ of governing school boards. As elected officials and members of government, we sought to appeal to their interest in democratic representation and service to communities as a shared priority. While the delivery of public education is a provincial government mandate, it is of interest to all levels of government. There are also many overlapping social portfolios such as health and wellness, youth, Indigenous relations, Francophone services, and justice. All of these departments have a vested interest in public education and community service. The CSBA will continue to connect with federal representatives and encourage trustees to meet with their Members of Parliament as well.