Advocacy Materials Key messages developed in the advocacy strategy communications plan have been shared with members across the country. They were written to be general enough for all trustees to make use of them, while speaking specifically to the importance of local voice through elected school boards. The strategy also includes materials intended for a national audience, such as social media graphics, website content, and media releases. We have been working to create communications materials for provincial associations to use with their member boards to raise the profile of governing boards and trustees in their provinces. A presentation was developed for the President to deliver at various engagements and conferences across the country. Social media materials have been created to inform the discussion online about governing school boards. All of these materials carry the same key messages about the importance of democratic representation in public education governance. As with any campaign or initiative, consistent messaging is important. Included in the strategy are two videos from Nova Scotians Paul Wozney, President of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union, and Adam Davies, a former school board member and current member of a school advisory council. They share their experiences with the public education system since school boards were eliminated. The CSBA shares their concerns with the consequences of the elimination of democratic representation in public education and we will continue to connect with them in the coming months.   The CSBA continues to support provincial associations from the position of a national association. Collaborating on press releases and media comments, sharing social media posts, speaking at events, or lending a voice to a campaign are all ways the CSBA advocacy strategy supports work at the provincial and regional levels. #LocalVoicesLocalChoices #SchoolBoardsMatter