parents for the 2018-2019 school year. That transitional period ends on June 30th. QESBA was pleased overall with Bill 12. Bill 12 follows the general recommendations made by QESBA during the Ministry of Education and Higher Education’s consultation on school fees with stakeholders held in December 2018. Bill 21 A particularly divisive piece of legislation that is now law, QESBA along with ALL of our English minority education partners held a joint news conference with a joint declaration against Bill 21 prior to our parliamentary presentation including the fact that the Mahé vs. Alberta 1990 Supreme Court decision specifically ruled that minority communities have the exclusive rights to hire and manage staff. Bill 21 is now law, legal action has begun through different groups it will be up to the courts to decided. K-4, Bill The QESBA validated, one again the Association's position on the universal implementation of K-4.  QESBA produced a feasibility study in 2007 and adopted a position in favour of K-4. The Association sent a letter of support to the Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge indicating our support but QESBA REPORT - MAY 2019 4