portion of the EMSB territory. The EMSB Council of Commissioners had been working on viable solutions to help the overcrowding at the French board in the East-End but both the French board and the Minister have decided that these solutions won’t work for the French community at the expense of our students and communities. As of the date of deposit of this report, QESBA has no formal indication on where this will end. Our network is very uneasy with the lack of consideration to our rights to manage and control our institutions. Bill 12 - School Fees In our report to CSBA last year, we are at the end of a class action lawsuit regarding fees charged to parents. The new government deposited Bill 12, An Act to clarify the scope of the right to free education and to allow the regulation of certain financial contributions that may be required in early 2019. Guidelines related to school fees were established originally over 50 years ago and were only briefly revised in 1998. In 2013 a class action lawsuit was launched against all school boards in Québec regarding fees charged to parents, due, in large part, to a lack of detail and clarity in the Education Act. Over the summer of 2018 a settlement was reached between the complainants and school boards whereby the boards, without admitting liability, would pay out just over $153 million to parents. Pending changes to the Education Act to clarify the situation, the Government of Québec reacted by instituting a transitional year regarding fees charged to QESBA REPORT - MAY 2019 3