Meeting with Minister of Education MSBA arranged to meet with Hon. Kelvin Goertzen, Minister of Education on April 8, to follow-up on a variety of items arising from the provincial budget, the Minister’s two hour meeting with school board chairs held during our convention, and the then-pending start of the K-12 Review Commission. It proved to be an important opportunity to meet with the Minister, Deputy Minister and other departmental staff, to affirm MSBA’s ongoing willingness to partner with the Province on education priorities and also to clarify roles and future plans. MSBA Provincial Executive Planning Retreat On April 26 and 27, MSBA executive met for the first real time with new officers and directors present, to review objectives and priorities for the 2019/20 year. Taking place in the inspirational setting of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, that the educational, democratic, social, economic and cultural rights of all Manitobans were important foci for this year’s retreat could not have been more palpable. The retreat provided a valuable opportunity for executive to get to know one another, to clarify roles and responsibilities, and to establish recommendations to the K-12 Review Commission. K-12 Education Review Commission Starting April 24, the K-12 Review Commission convened the first of 12 workshops for public participants to share ideas and perspectives on education in Manitoba. Members of the MSBA executive were present for all workshops and considerable representation from across school boards was noted at each. At the same time, two online public surveys were launched (one for teachers and one for members of the public) and invitations made for school boards and other public organizations to meet with the Commission one on one. Based on the deadline for submission of briefs and written presentations to the Commission on May 31, a total of 62 briefs were received and reportedly, over 15,000 submissions were received. Between June 17 and 21, the Commission also met with half of those who submitted written briefs, through a series of three public hearing days set aside for that purpose. MSBA received its own opportunity to present before the Commission May 8, and followed up with formal submission of a brief (available in English and in French) as well as a comprehensive written report on each of the six themes chosen by the Commission for feedback (long-term vision, student learning, teaching, accountability for student success, governance and funding). To access MSBA’s responses to the K-12 Review Commission, please visit: The Commission is being led by former Manitoba Education Minister Clayton Manness and former Saskatchewan Minister of Finance Janice MacKinnon. Dr. Avis Glaze has been retained as consultant by the Commission and will contribute to the preparation of the final report, which will be publicly tabled in March 2020. Farewells and new welcomes Two long-serving employees departed from the service of MSBA in 2018/19. Kelly Henderson, our Manager of Finance and Administration, resigned mid-April, 2019 and Joe Trubyk, the dean of MSBA staff, took a well-deserved retirement following 39 years of service as a Labour Relations Consultant. MSBA was pleased to welcome Secretary-Treasurer Robyn Winters of Pine Creek School Division to serve as our new Chief Financial Officer and Shannon Pilon, formerly of the City of Winnipeg Labour Relations Department, to maintain staffing in MSBA’s Labour Relations Department. MSBA President, Alan Campbell, MSBA Vice-President, Sandy Nemeth, Minister of Education and Training, Kelvin Goertzen and MSBA Vice-President, Floyd Martens ManitobaUpdate 2018/2019 Annual Report to the CSBA Boardrectors