Community Safety Forum On January 23, following several years of preparation and development, MSBA and the Manitoba Association of School Superintendents co-hosted a significant dialogue concerning enhanced interagency collaboration and information-sharing in matters of child protection and community safety across Manitoba. With 80 guests with key responsibility for education, health, justice, social services and youth- services, this forum focused on how all sectors can work better together under current frameworks when it comes to the key interests of child and community safety. Our thanks goes to the Manitoba Government as well as our co-chair, the Manitoba Association of School Superintendents, for their close partnership in helping to make this day a reality. MSBA video-recorded all sessions at this day-long forum, in order to provide a valuable resource for frontline staff and others who could not attend. The central object of the forum was to achieve enhanced integration across all sectors. A final report will be produced by the end of June, 2019. Provincial Budget In Manitoba, the provincial budget serves to confirm the announcement of funding commitments to support K-12 education that is made in January of each year. Early announcement enables boards to set budgets and consult with communities leading up to the end of March timeframe for establishment of local tax mill rates. With the provincial budget released on March 7 this year, there were no surprises, given that we already had been made aware that school boards that do not receive equalization funding (because they are able to draw from a sufficient tax assessment base) were to receive 0.5 percent and those that do receive equalization saw this support further reduced by 2 percent, for a total 6 percent reduction over three years. One important and unanticipated development for boards however, was the announcement of further reductions to administrative cost caps, which were announced by Government with less than two weeks before the setting of final budgets, and well after most boards had finalized their drafts. These reductions came with consequences for the first time as well, insofar as any school board that failed to meet the established target would become subject to budgetary claw-backs by the Department of Education based on rural, urban and northern categories. All school boards were able to comply with these reduction targets and no claw-backs occurred. MSBA annual convention and AGM Occurring from March 14-15, this year’s convention featured Mike Lipkin, a motivational speaker and CEO of Environics Research. Setting the convention off on a positive note, the first day was devoted to professional development for all trustees, with time for boards to meet as regional blocks to discuss nominations and study public engagement through Manitoba’s Local Voices, Local Choices campaign. The second day of the convention was our AGM and this year saw several resolutions debated in addition to addresses by President Alan Campbell and Executive Director Josh Watt, and with warm welcome and greetings from CSBA President Laurie French. Former MSBA President Ken Cameron was inducted as an honourary life member of MSBA during our banquet on the final evening of convention. MSBA’s executive holds elections for roughly half of directors every year during the annual convention and AGM and with the recent school board elections in October 2018, this year saw several changes to the composition of our Provincial Executive. MSBA membership confirmed Alan Campbell as President. Floyd Martens (CSBA and MSBA Past President) was elected to serve as Vice-President for Boards with Enrolments under 6,000 students. Sandy Nemeth is entering the second year of a two-year term as Vice-President for boards with 6000+ students. New faces around our Executive table include Vaughn Wadelius (Region 4), Leah Klassen (Region 2), and Julie Fisher (Region 5). We therefore bid a fond farewell to Leslie Tucker, Patty Wiebe and Cheryl Smukowich, who formerly served in each of those respective Director roles. Provincial bargaining held up During the January 2018 Funding of Schools Announcement, the Minister of Education had signalled the Government’s intention to move to provincial bargaining for teachers. Over the course of 2018 and 2019, MSBA consulted with Government on what this central table might look like going forward. The Government was set to introduce the Bill on March 18. In light of filibustering on the part of Opposition parties, the Bill was held up. Government has confirmed its intention to proceed with introduction of the Bill later this year or possibly even by spring of 2020. MSBA will be certain to provide an update as details are made available. Local Voices,Local Choices Leadership, Service and Advocacy: Convention 2019, March 14 - 15, Delta Winnipeg, 350 St. Mary Avenue ManitobaUpdate 2018/2019 Annual Report to the CSBA Board of Directors