Probe Research Public Opinion Poll Between September 19 and 28, 2018, Probe Research, an independent research firm based in Winnipeg, administered a public opinion poll to a representative sample of urban, rural and northern Manitobans. Probe sought to answer two essential questions: 1) “what is your first choice for the public education system in Manitoba?” and 2) “do you believe that it’s an important democratic right to elect school boards?” Most Manitobans, 56 percent, indicated that their preference was to keep local school boards to serve the needs of public education in each community or, in Winnipeg, in each neighbourhood, the same way that school boards currently serve their communities while twenty-three percent indicated that they would prefer to see consolidation among current school boards, into larger governing and administrative units. Only eight percent of Manitobans indicated that their choice would be to abolish school boards and have the Provincial Government exercise unilateral authority for public education. The final portion of respondents registered no opinion or couldn’t say which of these choices they preferred. Based on these results, MSBA would note that of the respondents, it is notable that nearly 80% favour keeping school board governance in Manitoba. On the second question, which speaks to the democratic foundation for local school board autonomy, 81 percent of Manitobans agreed that electing school boards remains an important democratic right, while 19 percent disagreed. ManitobaUpdate 2018/2019 Annual Report to the CSBA Board of Directors