Recess: paying attention to details In February 2019, the Minister of Education put forward a proposed regulation amending the Basic school regulation for preschool, elementary and secondary education, in order to specify the recess periods which elementary students should benefit from in the morning and afternoon. While the FCSQ felt the Minister’s intention to add recess time is laudable, it deemed that organizing transportation and human resources would be challenging in some areas. School boards issued an opinion as part of the prepublication of the regulation and intend to collaborate in order to implement its goal. Laicity of the State: school boards question application In March 2019, the government of Québec tabled Bill 21, An Act respecting the laicity of the State, which is based on four principles: • the separation of State and religions • the religious neutrality of the State • the equality of all citizens • freedom of conscience and freedom of religion Public services must be provided and received with the face uncovered for identification and security purposes. In addition, the Act includes a prohibition on the wearing of religious symbols for certain persons in positions of authority, such as prosecutors, police officers, as well as teachers and principals of elementary and secondary schools. In response, the FCSQ called several aspects of the bill into question, including the apparent inconsistency between the bill and the values transmitted by the public education system: openness, inclusion and learning to live together. Alain Fortier President