Report of the FCSQ President, Mr. Alain Fortier, as part of the Canadian School Boards Association’s General Meeting Toronto, July 4 - 6, 2019 October 1st , 2018 Québec elections: a change in spokespersons At the dawn of the last election campaign, the Fédération des commissions scolaires du Québec (FCSQ) shared its expectations with the political parties, focusing on the importance attached to public education and the vital role of school democracy, citizen participation and significant refinancing for student services. A representative of each party at the National Assembly presented its political party’s vision for the public education network during the general council meeting in August 2018. Following the elections that ushered in a new government for Québec, the FCSQ went to work immediately. Shortly thereafter, a meeting was held with the Minister of Education and Higher Education and spokespersons of the various political parties, in order to emphasize the issues of importance for student success in the eyes of elected school board officials. Investments in the public education network In February 2019, the FCSQ tabled its prebudget expectations amounting to over one billion dollars, not including the required infrastructure investments. Accompanied by several school board presidents, the President and Vice-President presented these expectations at a press conference in Québec City. It was essential for the Fédération to obtain a significant reinvestment beyond system costs, of about 4%, as well as a confirmation of full compensation to offset the reduced income related to Bill 3 on school taxes. Tabled on Thursday, March 21, 2019, the budget provides for an increase of more than 7% to funding allocated to the public education network. This amount includes an increase in system costs (increased enrolments, salary increase, inflation, etc.), as requested by the FCSQ, as well as an expenditure growth evaluated at over $350M. The budget also provides for full compensation of reduced school taxes. The FCSQ also applauded the significant infrastructure investments for maintaining assets and creating additional spaces.