Situation Overview BCSTA's membership elected Stephanie Higginson as president during the April Annual General Meeting, the 115th in the Association's history. President Higginson previously served as vice-president of the Association for two terms. BCSTA's co-governance agreement with the provincial government regarding public education has continued to aid in the Association's success. The signing of the Co- Governance Relationship Memorandum of Understanding with the BC Ministry of Education occurred on December 5, 2014. The MOU was subsequently updated and signed on November 30, 2018 at the trustee academy, with the period lasting five years. The document serves to define the working relationship between the Ministry of Education and the BCSTA as the representative voice of its member Boards of Education. Exiting the AGM, members have put forward a number of motions upon which BCSTA will act on throughout the months ahead. Government continues to emphasis the value of board of education in BC, which sets a positive example. Learning and Curriculum Transformation The BC curriculum has been undergoing a transformation for the past five years. September 2019 will see all students in K-12 learning from our new curriculum. The modernized curriculum is forward thinking and focused on preparing students for a rapidly changing world. We can all agree that the world of today’s students will graduate into is different from the one that existed when past groups graduated. This new graduation program will ensure that students graduate from public school in British Columbia with the knowledge, competencies and skills they will need to transition successfully on their post-secondary journey. The new curriculum is competency focused and grounded in a strong foundation of numeracy, literacy and robust assessment. Funding Model Review The Ministry of Education has extended consultation for the funding model review in British Columbia for another year. Through this process, the ministry is looking to update and modernize the funding model for the province. The BCSTA co-created the guiding principles for the new funding model with the Ministry of Education to ensure local board needs were addressed in the new funding model. The Ministry of Education's working groups on the complex and complicated parts of the funding model have met throughout the spring and will continue through to early summer. BCSTA's Board of Directors have representation on each working group. Past member motions indicate that updating and modernizing the funding model to ensure equity for students across the province is a priority for trustees throughout BC. As quoted in an upcoming article written by the BC Principals and Vice Principals Association, a valued partner organization of BCSTA, President Higginson stated regarding the funding model, “It's hard to find anybody in the sector who doesn't agree that the model needs to change, but it is about finding a way forward where everybody feels included and is happy with where we go.” Achieving this level of balance will continue to be a focus for BCSTA’s advocacy on this issue. REPORT TO THE CANADIAN SCHOOL BOARDS ASSOCIATION FOR MAY 2019 CSBA REPORT