1 ASBA report for CSBA Annual Report 2019 I would like to begin this report by sharing my sincerest gratitude for the opportunity to serve as the Alberta School Boards Association’s (ASBA) president. It is truly an honour to represent Alberta’s 61 school boards in their commitment to education. I have now been in my capacity as president for one year, and continue to enjoy this experience, working collaboratively with our educational partners at both the provincial and national levels as our Association moves forward, aligning its services to the strategic plan. The 2018-2019 year has been one of growth and advancement for ASBA. With a new CEO, Dr. Vivian Abboud, appointed in December, ASBA has been expanding its services, has increased is advocacy efforts, and continues to make strides toward the betterment of education in Alberta, with its vision of Excellence in education through exceptional school board governance. ASBA’s executive team, and its Board of Directors is continuing with the good work of the Association, building off of past work and work-in-progress. This work includes but is not limited to: • A focus on advocacy: In response to members’ requests for advocacy, and with a clear and strategic direction, ASBA has a renewed and targeted focus on advocacy, with the support of a new Advocacy Committee. The Advocacy Committee is taking a multi- pronged approach that involves an ongoing roadmap with three components that include the president level, the operational level and the committee level. Topics of advocacy are fluid and ongoing. Over the course of the 2019/2020 year, ASBA has been developing – and will continue to develop – tools for school board use. These advocacy efforts are intended to increase the voice of ASBA and empower our Boards to engage in advocacy efforts. Further, the ASBA is working to develop political champions and organizational advocates by engaging elected officials, and continue to foster relationships with agencies, associations, and all orders of government. • More partnerships and updated professional development: ASBA is supporting and suggesting certain local initiatives and pilot projects that bring trustees and the learning community together. More conferences with different educational partners will allow ASBA to become the number one choice for trustee professional development. Moreover, by adding conferences that involve students—like the Provincial Youth Mental Health Summit—we are positioned to raise awareness regarding the most urgent priorities for our youth. We are also making intentional connections to the professional development work happening at the zone levels, at the board levels, and with educational professional development providers.