EdCan EdCan is a membership-based network that includes ministries, school boards, teachers, administrators, as well as many others. CSBA is pleased that the Executive Director will be joining the Advisory Council of the CEA/EdCan Network. CSBA has maintained its partnership with EdCan (Canadian Education Association) through dialogue and financial contribution to the Facts on Education Series. Twelve reasons to learn coding at school (EdTech & Design) Three myths dispelled about student suicide prevention (Policy, School Community & Well-being) Suicide Prevention: 6 questions school leaders should ask (School Community & Well-being) How can teachers maximize engagement among multi-lingual students? (Research & Teaching) What can schools do in the aftermath of student and staff suicide? (Leadership, Policy, Well-being & Workplace Wellness) Cannabis: What are the risks for students? (Research & Well-being) How can we embed Truth and Reconciliation in every school? (Indigenous Learning) How can schools support LGBTQ2 students? (Diversity) How do we teach students to identify fake news? (Research & Teaching) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Click for The Facts on Education CMEC Joint Meeting For some time, CSBA has been exploring mechanisms to bring together other national education partners. In May, the Executive Director joined representatives from EdCan, the Canadian Association of School Administrators (CASSA), the Canadian Teachers Federation (CTF), the Canadian Association of Principals (CAP) and the Council of Ministers of Education (CMEC) for a joint meeting. This open session provided a key opportunity to share initiatives and discuss the many areas of shared priority for quality public education throughout the country.   CSBA would like to acknowledge and thank CMEC for organizing what is planned to be the first of many ongoing dialogues. Facts on Education