Copyright continues to be a major area of attention for all educators throughout the country. CSBA is a member of the education coalition on copyright that is dedicated to ensuring fair dealings for educational institutions. Two reports were tabled in the House of Commons that should be of concern to all educators and all Canadians. The first report, Shifting Paradigms: Report of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage is written from the perspective of publishers, collectives and writers. The Committee’s focus was on remuneration for artists and creative industries and it accepted without question the statements made by artists and creative industries' witnesses.  CSBA supports the stance of the Coalition on Copyright that copyright in Canada is a balance between the rights of creators and the rights of users. Nowhere in the Canadian Heritage report does the committee refer to “the balance” to be achieved with copyright policy. The Heritage Committee’s disregard for this fundamental element of Canadian copyright law resulted in recommendations with a bias skewed towards the rights of publishers, collectives and writers.   The second report is entitled, Statutory Review of the Copyright Act: Report of the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology. This report that advanced the findings of MPs reviewing the Copyright Act was comprehensive and it provided a balanced perspective of the copyright issues facing Canadians. With respect to education issues, MPs produced a thoughtful commentary presenting both sides of the fair dealing argument. The MPs appropriately considered fair dealing within the context of decades of jurisprudence on education and copyright.   Fair dealing is critical to schools and public education throughout the country. Final decisions will be made by the new parliament in the fall.  All trustees should be aware of the issues and are encouraged to speak to members of parliament and candidates in the upcoming federal election. CSBA will continue to provide information and key messages for distribution through the website, social media and via provincial associations.  Copyright