Indigenous Education Committee Indigenous Education continues to be a major priority for the Canadian School Boards Association (CSBA).  Last July, we were proud to have been able to share some excellent public online resources to help build a better understanding of Indigenous peoples and treaties.  Throughout the year, we have monitored the use of these resources through open dialogue at our meetings and through Association Reports.   Our role is to ensure that the educational needs of every student are met, but it has become apparent that this has not always been true for our Indigenous students. In order to affect change for our Indigenous students, we must work with a laser-like focus and commitment. We must be willing to listen, to hear and to act.    To that end, CSBA’s Indigenous Education Committee (formerly the First Nations, Métis and Inuit or FNMI Committee) meets every time there is a face-to-face meeting of the CSBA. The committee monitors and reports on how the CSBA is achieving Indigenous education goals as set out in the CSBA strategic plan. Over the course of several years, the committee has added new items and initiatives for follow-up to the strategic plan, given early completion of all items identified under the previous three-year window. Going forward in 2019/20, the Committee looks forward to ensuring that the new CSBA strategic plan continue to enhance focus on Aboriginal and Indigenous Education.    The Indigenous Education Committee has suggested that the following priorities be embedded in this new strategic plan.  Convene discussions between the National Indian Education Council (NIEC) and CSBA to help inform the development of an accountability framework for Indigenous achievement and success, relative to one another’s respective authorities. This will include mutual collaboration on relevant data and measurement; Identify resources for public school boards that will help to clarify common elements and operational provisions of local or other autonomous agreements between First Nations communities and/or educational authorities and public school boards; Collaborate with the NIEC and the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) to develop a resource guide for school boards which serves to orient future building of relationships and communication within a mutually positive framework; Develop a recognition award for leadership and progress in Indigenous Education; Promote and encourage wider attendance at the National Trustee Gathering on Indigenous Education in Toronto in July 2019 and also in future years, so all CSBA partners can be updated on the latest developments and the collaborative working being achieved by CSBA. This includes standing invitations to members of the NIEC and AFN to help promote productive learning and sharing across the public and First nations education systems. CSBA has and will also continue to build upon several of the key initiatives and items that have most recently been achieved under the past three-year strategic plan (2015/16-2018/19). These include: Advocacy on behalf of First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) education by means of various communications with federal and provincial authorities to achieve greater funding equity for on and off- reserve students;  (Indigenous Education Continued...)