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In 2018 the Canadian School Boards Association launched a research initiative following our cross country portrait report in 2015. The “Cross Country Overview: Canadian School Board Structure and Trustee Profile” document was published to give Canadians some insight into the individuals who serve on governing school boards. Read the report  HERE to learn more about the trustees, the governance structure, and the roles played in the governance of public education. 

To find out the most recent activity of our provincial associations, see below!

ACÉPO: https://www.acepo.org/actualites/ (French)   https://www.acepo.org/en/information/  (English) 

BCSTA: http://theleader.bcsta.org/

ASBA: http://www.asba.ab.ca/news/hot-news/

SSBA: https://saskschoolboards.ca/publications/the-school-trustee/

MSBA: http://www.mbschoolboards.ca/documents/e-news

OPSBA: http://www.opsba.org/OPSBA%20Connects

OPSBA Magazine – “Education Today”

QESBA: http://www.qesba.qc.ca/en/news

FNCSF: http://fncsf.ca/salle-des-medias/communiques/