CanGeo Education is a nationwide, educational organization that offers all educators:

  • Free membership
  • Bilingual resources
  • Professional development workshops
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Resources for all grade levels, such as free maps, lesson plans, contests and more. 
  • Awards and bursaries

We run 3 annual national contests:

  1. Canadian Geographic Challenge: This nationwide contest gives students the chance to test their geography skills.
  2. Classroom Energy Diet Challenge: This award-winning competition encourages K-12 classrooms to increase their energy literacy and become more conscious of their daily energy habits.
  3. Canada’s Coolest School Trip: Grade 7 to 9 or secondary 1 to 3 students have the chance to win a trip of a lifetime by creating photo essays about their own stewardship project linked to a Parks Canada place.

CanGeo Education is famous for the maps provided to teachers, all of which are free of charge. Here is a sneak peak of some that are offered: 

  • Giant Floor Maps: These 8 metres by 11 metres floor maps are available free of charge for three-week periods. There are more than 7 themes available and each map is accompanied with a kit of activities and materials to bring the map to life.
  • Tiled Maps: Free to download, this resource allows your students to construct a map piece by piece.
  • Interactive Maps: Students can now explore the developing world, watersheds, and Canada’s energy online with our interactive maps!
  • Poster maps: Decorate your classroom with a map — many themes to choose from!
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