CSBA Members Elect New President

At the 2022 CSBA Annual General Meeting, members elected Alan Campbell as President, and Carolyn Broady was acclaimed as Vice President. The Board of Directors would like to thank outgoing President Laurie French for her hard work and dedication to public education over the last four years.

2022-23 CSBA Board of Directors

Alan Campbell, President (MSBA)
Carolyn Broady, Vice President (BCSTA)
Laurie French, Past President (OPSBA)

Marilyn Dennis (ASBA)
Benoit Fortin (ACÉPO)
Joe Peterson (NBDEC)
Goronwy Price (NLESD)
Cathy Abraham (OPSBA)
Dan Lamoureaux (QESBA)
Shawn Davidson (SSBA)

2022-23 Board of Directors
L-R: Alan Campbell, Laurie French, Shawn Davidson, Marilyn Dennis, Carolyn Broady, Cathy Abraham, Dan Lamoureaux (missing: Goronwy Price, Benoit Fortin and Joe Peterson)