The Canadian Perspective Must be Heard


October 24, 2019

The President of the Canadian School Boards Association, Ms. Laurie French, denounces the Quebec government’s decision to not hear the perspective of Canadian school boards in the upcoming consultations on Bill 40.

“The CSBA has something to say about the intention to deprive Francophones of a public education network run by local elected officials who take education to heart. The governance of public education by community members is essential for both majority and minority communities. The population of Quebec as a whole has a right to democratically elected school boards in its public education systems, whether the instruction is conducted in French or in English,” declared Ms. French.

“Yet, when it came to implementing preschool for four-year-olds, the Quebec government did not hesitate to call upon experts from the United States and Ontario to draw from their experiences. The experience of several provinces can indeed guide decisions taken in Quebec. We once again demand to be heard in a parliamentary commission,” she concluded.   

The decision taken by Quebec with regard to the future of elected officials and school boards will inevitably have an impact on all Canadian provinces. This is why we wish to express our serious concerns in a parliamentary commission. The CSBA therefore calls on the Minister responsible for Canadian Relations and the Canadian Francophonie, Sonia Lebel, to intervene in the matter.

The Canadian School Boards Association represents governing school board members from across the country through their provincial associations. The CSBA champions collaboration and innovation in public education as applied to both the delivery of education and system governance.




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