Fighting to keep the “public” in public education

When it comes to education governance, the national trend in recent years has been towards a troubling centralization of decision-making power, despite research that suggests school boards provide an effective way to improve student learning and increase local participation in school management.

“Communities historically have had lots of input into what transpires [in their schools] but over time, for a whole lot of reasons, we’ve started to move decision making further and further away,” says Floyd Martens, president of the Canadian School Boards Association. “But when it comes to the education needs of our children, is it one-sizefits-all? Not in the least.”

The Spring Edition of Education Today, published by the Ontario Public School Boards Association (OPSBA), features an article on the amalgamation process of school boards across the country. Several key CSBA members disapprove of the process, read more below:  

Canada’s School Boards – Fighting to keep the “public” in public education

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