Provincial initiatives in Aboriginal Education: Having an impact at the local level

Last week, CSBA presented three of its provincial associations’ initiatives in the area of aboriginal education at the CMEC Educators’ Forum on Aboriginal Education. Local initiatives are having a powerful impact on student engagement, community engagement and student success.

As there were many requests for the resources and documentation that we provided at the forum, we are posting them below:

Overview of MSBA, SSBA and OPSBA initiatives-handouts


Additional documentation and links:

Manitoba School Boards Association

MSBA Survey of school board and district initiatives 


Saskatchewan School Boards Association

SSBA First Nations and Métis Education Action Plan 2010-2012 

2011 National Aboriginal Trustees’ Gathering


Ontario Public School Boards’ Association 

Urban Aboriginal Education Project 


Please contact the CSBA head office at or our provincial associations for more information on these initiatives.