Media Literacy Week: November 7-11

media literacy weekMedia Literacy Week takes place this year from November 7-11 across Canada.

Canada’s youth are exposed to media content on a daily basis, and are continually asked to understand the “nature, techniques and impacts of media messages and productions”. Media education is essential to providing guidance to develop knowledge and critical thinking skills in order to become media literate. This year’s theme is Digital Citizenship, focusing on a student’s rights and responsibilities as digital citizens.

In the digital age, the principles of media education are the same as they’ve always been, but the existence of cyberspace is adding new and challenging questions. How, for instance, does technology affect how we relate to others? Is new technology enriching or undermining culture, learning and a sense of community? What roles do ownership, control and access play? What are the challenges in regulating a global, borderless medium like the Internet?

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The “featured educators and youth” section on the Media Literacy Week website showcases innovative individuals who are making a difference in the area of media education. The website lists events that are taking place regionally as well as resources to be used by schools.

For more information on digital citizenship, see