CSBA Congress 2011-Day 3

We’re blogging from the CSBA Congress 2011 in Ottawa.

Yesterday was an extraordinary day of professional development. A few quotes from our plenaries yesterday:


  • “Leadership is action, not position.”
  • “Schools are places of hope and we need to communicate that every day.”
  • “Critical thinking is what’s needed to move educational reform forward.”
  • “We need to challenge the norms in education.”
  • “We need to address the crisis of disengagement in education.”
  • “We can leverage technology, but technology is always driven by people.”
  • “Just because everything is different doesn’t mean anything has changed.”
  • “People drive change-technology enables change.”
  • “Good teaching may overcome a poor choice in the use of technology; but technology will never save bad teaching; usually it makes it worse.”
  • “There is a significant relationship between mental health and student achievement.”
  • “School systems are not responsible for meeting every need of their students. But when the need directly affects learning, the school must meet the challenge.”
  • “Schools are uniquely positioned to promote positive child and youth mental health.”

We continue today’s agenda with a focus on advocacy and sharing of best practices:

  • Kevin Feehan: Parliamentary Procedures and Rules of Order
  • Ross Parry: Trustee/Commissioner Advocacy Role
  • Suhana Meharchand (CBC) moderator: Your Time to Talk! (town hall meeting)

Workshops from the provinces:

  • Québec: Digital Engagement and Transparency-21st Century Community Outreach
  • Saskatchewan: Transforming a Community Through Community Partnerships
  • Ontario: Literacy for Life
  • Ontario: Urban Aboriginal Education Project: Honouring Community Collaboration, Seeking System Shifts

Additional Workshops from our Partners:

  • Tait Team Solutions: An Introduction to Cognitive Coaching
  • Statistics Canada: Trends in Publicly Funded Elementary and Secondary School Data

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