Connecting Students With History…The Memory Project

poppyStudents across Canada are participating in ceremonies today in honour of Remembrance Day.

Since 2001, The Memory Project has been connecting 175,000 students each year with veterans who share stories about their experiences.

These oral histories personalize the war and provide a first-hand account that would otherwise be lost. Many of the stories are dramatic and hair-raising. Others are charming, touching, even funny. All are compelling. And now, thanks to the site, unforgettable.

The project is multifaceted, offering students a variety of opportunities to hear first-hand accounts of historical events.  The Digital Archive contains more than one thousand audio interviews and five thousand artifacts and photos from Canada’s veterans of the First and Second World Wars and the Korean War. “Stories of the Second World War” is a nationwide bilingual project that offers firsthand accounts of Canada’s participation in the Second World War. The project also offers classroom and community resources, as well as a project blog for students.